Visits to the site
  experience live archaeology

     The extraordinary attraction and vitality of the site of Urkesh is attested by the uninterrupted visits of groups of young people and families, throughout the entire critical period. Students of all ages, families, teachers, and even foreign tourists have been continously visiting Tell Mozan despite the absence of the archaeological expedition on the site.


     Visits to the site have even increased in 2017-19, as shown in the following list of groups and visitors who have been accompanied on the site by the local archaeologist, Amer Ahmad. Click on the links to find out more, from our "Events" page.
     - March 3, 2020. Students of the "Almaza Khalil" school visit Urkesh*.
     - April 14, 2019. The rain does not stop the visits to the site.
     - March 13, 2019. Spanish tourists at Urkesh.
     - March 11, 2019. Two more schools visiting Urkesh.
     - February 24-25, 2019. New schools visiting Urkesh.
     - December 9, 2018. New visit at Tell Mozan.
     - June 12, 2018. Tourists from Spain, Russia and the United Kingdom at Urkesh!.
     - April 18, 2018. More teachers-to-be visit Mozan.
     - April 17, 2018. The new middle school students visiting the site.
     - April 14, 2018. Kids from the Qamishli Orchestra visiting Mozan.
     - April 13, 2018. Teachers visiting Mozan.
     - March 2018. The Qamishli middle schools in Urkesh.
     - December 2017. Visiting Mozan from Erbil (Iraq).

     *Visits to the site had to stop during the spring and summer 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

     All these visists to the site represent a war tourism, and they are even more eloquent than the visits of important people which we experienced during the excavation years...

Paolo Emilio Pecorella and Raffaella Pierobon Benoit (1999)
the Italian Ambassador (2010)
           the German           ambassador (2010)
           the Apostolic Nuncio,
           Mario Zenari (2009)