a new synergy

     Urkesh and AVASA – an archaeological site in Syria and a cultural association in Italy.
     These are the terms of a new confrontation and a new encounter – between the ancient and the modern, and between two cultures that are confronting and meeting in ways that sometimes seem to lead to a clash, because of the extremely difficult circumstances created by the war in Syria. The Urkesh project carried out by AVASA demonstrates how this comparison should only serve to promote mutual understanding. And to bring a realistic and concrete message of peace.
     This website wants to show how the scientific activity may have a profound impact on the social fabric in which that activity takes place. The Urkesh project has always had a profound dimension of "public archaeology". The great crisis has highlighted its extraordinary vitality: it is this vitality that AVASA aims to nurture and develope.

The logo of AVASA is a caprid, as it appears depicted on a seal from Urkesh. We see it here, as a symbol of the encounter, while it looks at the site Urkesh in its current context.