--The founders
  five millennia of history

Poscio brothers, since 1902

a historical photo of the Poscio company

the headquarters of the Poscio Collection in Domodossola
     Proud of a past that has seen it associated with the development of the city of Domodossola and the VCO, the Poscio company has also given birth to a new cultural dimension inside the city itself. In particular, it has restored the fifteenth-century De Rodis Palace, where the Poscio Collection now is located, and where some important art exhibitions are regularly organized.
     Poscio supports our work in Urkesh, being engaged in territories that are distant in space from its own, because it recognizes in it a common purpose to enrich a society by making it more aware of its own culture and past.

a photograph from the
early excavations at Urkesh