The founders
  five millennia of history

Marwan Dabbagh in Malibu (center)
at the home of Giorgio and Marilyn Buccellati
with Dr. Herman Hoeh (yellow jacket)
and with young Federico Buccellati

     Marwan Dabbagh was the key person in making the construction of the Expedition House possible, in the 70es: he managed the entire process, from securing the materials and having it delivered at the site to supervising the construction down to its last detail.
     Upon completion of the work, we invited him to UCLA for a visit to our California headquarters, on which occasion he also met other members of our team, in particular Dr. Hoeh who was then very helpful in assisting him with his further projects.
     Mr. Dabbagh went on to establish a flourishing business in Australia, the Dabbagh Group of Companies, and has recently rekindled his friendship for our project with his generous support for our current activities.

the Mozan expedition house
under cosntruction

the Mozan Epedition house from the air