the communicative commitment

     Conferences to scientific conferences, round tables with other colleagues, lessons in schools, presentations to the general public- these are all ways in which AVASA supports the dissemination of research results.
     Some presentations have attracted a very large audience, even a few thousand people, as in the one that opened the exhibition on Georgia at the Rimini Meeting in August 2016.

     The web site contains details on all presentations of all kinds relevant to the themes supported by AVASA. Here we give only a summary list, starting with 2011.

Year Number of
2011 5 Frankfurt, Rome, (2), Naples, Boston
2012 16 Warsaw (3), Berlin, Frankfurt (4), Venice, Moscow (3), Chicago, Milan, Florence (2)
2013 14 Seattle, Mainz, Berlin, Los Angeles, Guatemala City, Rome (6), Rimini, Venice, Geneva
2014 7 Rome, Erbil (Iraq), Bonn, Rimini, Rovereto, Milan, Domodossola
2015 5 Washington D.C., Berlin, Pavia, Beirut, Novara
2016 9 Los Angeles, Amelia (Italy), Baceno (Italy), Lugano, Turin, Damascus, Florence (3)
2017 13 Beola (Italy), Los Angeles (3), Houston, Munich, Domodossola, Baceno (Italy), Beirut (2), Shanghai, Changchun (China), Pavia
total 82 on three continents