consolidation and transmission

     If the excavation, and the research based on excavation are the foundation of archeology, the dissemination of results is equally fundamental.
     We need to consolidate the data and the analysis that derives from them, so that everything can be transmitted and remain for the future. Perhaps the most delicate moment is that which aims to involve young people, especially in a period of crisis like that of recent years in Syria. AVASA is also strongly committed to this, and here is an example:

     In 2008, this child had visited the excavation with her father, on a day of celebration.
     She was then attending an elementary school in the small village of Mozan, next to the archaeological site of Urkesh.

     Here she is now (2017) studying archeology at the university located in the city near Urkesh – in a group photo at the end of a seminar on Urkesh ceramics.