a multifaceted Past

     Our commitment to research is stronger than ever, despite the war and the distance.
     As it can be seen on this website, we have an intense publication program that we carry forward from our workplaces in the United States and in Europe. But what we want to show is how our research is based on the work that is carried out today, actively and constantly, not only in Urkesh itself but also in many other cultural institutions all around the world.
     It is as if we have one global campus, in which Tell Mozan is perfectly integrated with Damascus, Los Angeles, Florence, Berlin, Bournemouth and Newcastle. It is a research community that resists the war and the distance.

     The aggregate power of our archaeological project becomes particularly evident in the sense of empathy and the involvement of all our colleagues who, at different stages of their career, are contributing to the reconstruction of the history of ancient Urkesh covering a broad spectrum of specific fields.

     Webpages for each of our collaborators are available, with short descriptions on the work that they have done and are currently performing in their own institutions. In another section, we bear witness to the extraordinary research activities conceived, developed and implemented by our colleagues in Syria, targeting local university students.