The founders
  five millennia of history


     The Gianmaria Buccellati Foundation has, among its objectives, to promote the history of jewelry, with a particular twofold interest: jewelry seen as a form of artistic expression that goes beyond its accessory use in a given culture, which may see it as a simple ornamentation; and the support of young people who are dedicated to studies that investigate this particular aspect of ancient traditions.
Pavia      Within this perspective, the Foundation has decided to support with a scholarship a young Syrian student who works with us, Yasmine Mahmoud, in order to allow her to follow the Doctoral program at the University of Pavia. (On the left, Yasmine with Professor Clelia Mora and with Giorgio and Marilyn Buccellati, in the 'Biblioteca Teresiana' of the University of Pavia.)
     The support of the Foundation is also linked to an affinity that goes beyond a shared interest for the great values of the past. Gianmaria is the brother of Giorgio, co-director of the Urkesh project and president of AVASA. In various ways, this shared interest has accompanied them in their lives and it has particularly strengthened in the last years of Gianmaria's life. Such consonance, of affections and ideals, is symbolically represented by these two objects: the figure of a wild boar from a cylinder dating back to 2250 BC, found by Giorgio at Urkesh, and a silver boar designed and produced, around 2000 AD, from Gianmaria.
The wild boar of Urkesh is less than one centimeter wide (compared to the silver boar, which is 51 cm long). It is represented under the cuneiform legend of the seal that belonged to the Queen Uqnitum of Urkesh.