The Almaza Khalil School at Tell Mozan
  Amer Ahmed, 3rd March 2020

     On 3/3/2020 Tell Mozan began to welcome its guests: today, about 70 student from Almaza Khalil school visited Tell Mozan, and for many of them it was the first time on the site.
     The tour started with a brief information about the sequence of historical periods that can be detected on the site, then they heard about Urkesh' archaeological monuments. They were very admired of Tell Mozan landscapes, specifically the palace and its ancient walls.
     Many of them wondered how are walls which are 4250 old still standing? They asked: "are these really ancient walls?". The Abi also attracted their attention and even though they were scared to go inside, they accepted the challenge. Many innocent questions have passed on their mind such as "Was king Tupkish a tyrant?", "What is this dome on the Abi?", "How many people have lived here?", "Who are the Hurrian people, and where did they come from?".
     The question which moved me the most was made by a young boy, barely 10 years of age, who said to me: "Uncle, I would like to see the royal wing of the palace!", as if he was asking excavations to start again so that he could see it exposed and so satisfy his curiosity. It was an innocent desire, which still had a lot of suffering behind it. The people are tired of so many miserable years, adults and kids hope that everything returns as it was: then the Urkesh expedition will be back and continue its task at Tell Mozan.