A new beginning for the School Project
  Amer Ahmed, 17th February 2020

Since the meeting and communication between Syrian and Italian students last year was very successful, for this year AVASA suggested to repeat this experience, by putting in contact the archaeological site of Corinth in Greece and the Urkesh project.
On 17/02/2020 I began the project with a visit to the al-Salam school in Qamishli: I presented myself as a friend who wanted to connect with them at the first. The meeting's objective was to introduce our project, the joint project between Urkesh and Corinth which included a brief presentation about their local community's identity, the significance of having rejected the idea of migrating, and the importance of remaining attached to their own land in spite of years of war.
Some of the students were un awareof Tell Mozan, others only knew its location. They were very enthusiastic and accepted the idea of looking for a Greek friend to introduce themselves , they were interested to visit Tell Mozan and see some tangible archaeological materials.
I have been asked some questions, like: "Shall we visit Tell Mozan?" "Shall we see our Greek friends face to face? "We know nothing about their heritage, could you please tell us the ways through which we will communicate with them?"

This meeting was only the first one: in the second, I will offer the students a presentation about Tell Mozan and Corinth.

Lastly, I would like to thank Father Antranik Ayvazian, head of the Armenian community and director of the al-Salam school, who accepted warmly to contribute to the success of our project.
Many thanks also to he who documented every detail of this meeting: Mr. Muntaser Qasem.