Snow on Urkesh
February 13, 2020

     Unusual images come from Tell Mozan. Our workers on the site have written to inform us about an unusual snowfall, which has whitewashed the entire area around the site.
     As you can see from the photos, the snow has covered the village of Mozan as well as the archaeological site of Urkesh. The pictures also show how, once again, our system of protection of the ancient structures has proved effective, protecting the walls of the Tupkish Palace and the large section in the area of the Temple Terrace.
     The great monumental staircase is also covered with snow: as soon as the snow has melted, our workers will check the overall solidity of the ancient structure and intervene to secure it, if necessary.
     You can click on each image to see it in full screen.

The site of Urkesh and, in the background,
the village of Mozan

The tell covered with snow

The large section in the J1 area

The monumental staircase covered with snow