The arising of values

     Europa Nostra, in collaboration
     with the European Committee

     2020, first edition of the
     ILUCIDARE Special Prizes

        The announcement on the ILUCIDARE website

From the Press Release:

     This initiative prompts school students in Italy and Syria to discover their own, local history through archaeology and to virtually exchange these histories with each other. This innovative programme has led participants, aged 11 to 14 to realise the value of archaeology, discover new places and become more deeply connected to their own localities. The online exchange gave many students their first experience of international cultural exchange and common understanding of shared heritage.

The statement from the ILUCIDARE committee:
      “Archaeology for a Young Future is a strong example of how heritage can lead to people-to-people dialogue. This project promotes intercultural exchange and mutual understanding between students, teachers and local communities from Italy and Syria. It is a small-scale project with a bottom-up approach and modest budget, making it easy to replicate anywhere in Europe or beyond”.