In this page, we highlight the most significant and recent events related to our project that take place, in Syria and elsewhere, at an extraorinary pace.

October, 11 2019
War is all around Urkesh

     Just as we were making plans for the future, war has come frighteningly close to our site.
     At the moment, the village of Mozan and the site of Urkesh, located just 5 km away from the Turkish border, are safe, but the bombs have not spared the nearby centers. In particular, we have been informed that the nearby center of Amuda has been bombed.

September, 11 2019
End of maintenance work in J1 area

     Last June we begun a major conservation work on the wall of the Temple Terrace, which has occupied most of our energies during the summer.
     Now that the work has been finalized, our colleague Amer Ahmed has sent us a detailed report which reviews the phases of the work that has been carried out, on a day-to-day basis and with many explanatory photographs.

May, 18 2019
The exhibit at the Cotsen Institute, UCLA, is now open

     An exhibit entitled "The Millennia for Today. Archaeology Against War: Yesterday's Urkesh in Today's Syria", was inaugurated during the Open House of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology.
     The exhibited panels consists in the English version of those presented at the Rimini Meeting (August 2018), for which we have also published an English version of the catalogue.

May, 5 2019
A research seminar on Urkesh, in Urkesh

     Thirty-two students from the new "Roj Ava" University organised a seminar on Urkesh at our site. A report written by Amer Ahmed is available at this link.

February, 24-25 2019
New schools visiting Urkesh

     On February, 24th and 25th, visits by children and youngsters to the site of Urkesh started again, with three school groups of various ages led by our local collaborator, Amer.

November, 1 2018
Urkesh in the news

     The reopening of the National Museum of Damascus and the current situation in Syria have inspired an article that appeared on the blog of the Italian journalist and writer Robi Ronza, with some important remarks.

October, 28-29 2018
Urkesh at the re-opening of the Damascus National Museum

     AVASA contributes to the reopening of the National Museum in Damascus, with a version fully translated into Arabic of the exhibition "Millennia for today" and with a paper read at the symposium organized for the occasion.

Qam exhibit

August 2018
The success of the exhibit "Millennia for Today"

     The exhibition set up at the Meeting for Friendship among Peoples in Rimini has resulted in a very positive experience: we counted five thousand visitors in a week, with a strong emotional involvement.

Qam exhibit

August 2018
Urkesh will be present at the Meeting 2018 in Rimini

     In these days, preparations for the participation of AVASA to the forthcoming "Meeting for Friendship among Peoples" (Rimini, 19 to 25 August 2018), are in full swing.
Urkesh will be present at the Meeting through the exhibition "MILLENNIA FOR TODAY. Archeology against War: yesterday's Urkesh in today's Syria".

Qam exhibit

27 April 2018
Exhibition on Urkesh in Qamishli

     Based on that previously set up in Beirut in November 2017, this exhibition brings Urkesh to Urkesh - which is a bit like bringing owls to Athens...


January-May 2018
The awareness campaign

     We have started a project among the local Syrian communities, whose purpose is to disseminate the awareness on the importance of archaeology and landscape: in the section EVENTS you can find more details about each meeting.

Arm in MZ

January-May 2018
Tourists in Mozan

     Under EVENTS you can find a complete list of visitors on the site, which surprises for its variety, including even people from outside Syria.

welcome mOmo

January 2018
The School Project

     We have just started a new project, involving students from the middle schools from Qamishli (the closest city to Mozan) and Domodossola (Piedmont, Italy): the development of this project can be followed in the section EVENTS.

school in Qam
school bus


     Our commitment at an international level continues without breaks. You can find a list of the most recent given papers under EVENTS.


8 December 2017
Medal for research from the Chinese Academy
of Social Sciences

     The Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences in Shanghai awarded a research medal to our project, for its contribution to the theoretical dimension of preservation of archaeological sites in their current context.


15 November 2017
Exhibition and round table on Urkesh at Beirut

     We organized an exhibition at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, entitled "Archeology for a Young Future". A round table, which saw the participation of Syrian colleagues involved in the preservation of the archaeological heritage of the country, has further enriched the initiative.


Scientific publication

     We are strongly committed to our program of scientific publications about our researches. The most recent publishd volume is: Federico Buccellati, Three-dimensional Volumetric Analysis in an Archaeological Context.

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